What worked for me as an Amazon Seller

Major Problems With Selling on Amazon and Advice for New Sellers

Amazon FBA is taking the world by storm. It’s becoming the go-to for a lot of people to make money, but how do you use it to your advantage?

There have been a lot of success stories about Amazon FBA and I think some of them are too good to be true. I know that you can make money with this system, but it’s not going to happen overnight and you’re going to have to put in some serious work in order to get it right.

Just because someone had success with this doesn’t mean that you will too. You’re going to need a strategy in place if you want to make money with Amazon.

So, what is the best way to sell on Amazon? Let me share some of my tips with you so that you can start making money with Amazon as well.

Amazon FBA is a great way to make money. It’s not easy, but if you have what it takes, it can change your life forever. But first, let’s break down exactly what it means: FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” This means that as a seller on Amazon, you send your products to an Amazon warehouse where they take care of fulfillment for you. All you have to do is create your listing and send your product to their warehouse. If you’re wondering how much it costs to sell on Amazon FBA, the answer is simple: nothing. In exchange for sending your products to an Amazon warehouse and letting them handle shipping and delivery, they charge a commission of 15% on every item sold. This isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth the cost when you consider how much time and effort you’ll save in the long run.

When I started my Amazon FBA business earlier this year, I was completely overwhelmed. Every book or article on the topic started with a long list of things to do (build a website and brand, learn product sourcing, create inventory labels, prepare merchandise for shipment, register as an LLC, etc.), and none of them explained how to prioritize the work. I didn’t know where to begin.

I just wanted a simple checklist that would start me off in the right direction by building momentum and allowing me to see some wins early on. So I built one for myself that allowed me to get my first two products up for sale in about four months. 

Here is what worked for me:

1. Register your business with Amazon and get an employer identification number (EIN). This is required before you can sell anything on Amazon.

2. Find some products to sell. If you’re new to FBA, I recommend starting with 20–30 items that are light weight (under 1 pound) and the size of a shoebox or smaller. These are typically cheaper than bulkier items and easier to ship from your home rather than from a storage facility (which requires new barcodes and labelling). Find the hot selling products on amazon with https://www.zonbase.com/blog/the-best-amazon-keyword-tools-for-amazon-sellers/

3. Create your own labels

When you first start selling on Amazon, a lot of it is about trial and error. It might take you a while to figure out the best way to do things, but once you have it down, it’s smooth sailing from there. To help you get there a little faster than I did, I’m sharing the secret sauce that helped me learn how to sell on Amazon and be successful at it—and it’s something I still use to this day.


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