The Best Examples of C2C (Customer-to-Customer)


C2C sites can be the best way for a business to promote its product. C2C sites are used to direct the consumer where they should go to purchase something. The consumer can click on these sites and enter their personal information such as name, address, email address, and perhaps even a credit card number. Once entered, the site owner will have the ability to collect the customer’s contact information to send them a discount or to get them to sign up for something.

Some examples of C2C sites that are available are blogs. There are a wide variety of blogs that may interest you if you are looking for a way to advertise your business. A blog is an excellent way for you to write about your services or products. For instance, if you sell medical equipment you could talk about how great your equipment is and why people should use them rather than go to the local hospital.

Another c2c examples is affiliate sites. Affiliate programs provide the perfect example of C2C sites because once you become an affiliate you do not have to create your site or products. Instead, you post advertisements on other peoples’ web pages and collect a commission from each sale.

Affiliate programs work only by sign up with the site, and once your account is set up you place advertising text on your page. You may want to use bold lettering and large fonts. Your ad should also include what the site is selling or what it offers. When people see your ad, they will be able to go directly to the merchant’s site to purchase the item. If the site that you are directing them to is a good one, then they may make a purchase there.

Related to your niche
It is best to choose affiliate programs that are closely related to your niche. You can use the same keyword for both the ad and the site. Or you may want to use different keywords. You may want to use hyphens between words (eg. “pink diaper” instead of just “pink diaper”). This makes the ad more attractive to the visitor.

Make sure that you research the product that you are selling before you even decide to run an ad on an affiliate site. Be sure to read the terms of use agreement before you click the ad to ensure that you will not receive your domain name blocked. There are a few people who have spent a lot of time trying to get their affiliate site to redirect to their domain, but this rarely works. In some cases, the domain name used to redirect to does not have a .com extension. In these instances, you may have to purchase the name and put it in your web address.

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