Six Simple Tips For Publishing Your Academic Journal Article


Here are six tips for getting your academic work published in a peer-reviewed journal:

* Don’t try getting your article published in a journal that does not cater to your topic. If you do not already read the journal regularly, find a copy and understand the types of articles they publish. Then make sure that your article fits that standard.

* Pick a journal and then cater your article to it. Make sure that your manuscript cites several articles from the publication. Pay attention to the editorial board and make sure you cite several of those authors as well. Many of those peers review your manuscript.

* Don’t forget to check for submission guidelines. The journal may have a specific article length they look for, ways they want your information to be cited, whether or not they would like you to write an abstract or not. Not following these guidelines is an easy way for the editor of the journal to reject your article.

* Edit! Do not submit a paper full of grammatical or English-usage mistakes. Editors often use typos and grammar errors as an easy way to put papers in the reject pile. Find a colleague to edit your paper or a professional academic editing company. Every writer makes mistakes, so make sure that someone else catches those before submitting your paper.

* Find a unique angle. Being familiar with the journal can help you understand whether your idea has already been published. Be specific with your topic, don’t stray too much into other ideas or topics. Be focused.

* If the journal requires a query letter first, and not the full article, make sure to grab the editor’s attention with your query. Include information on the subject of your article, specific length, and when you would be able to submit.

Follow these tips and you’ll greatly enhance your chances of enlarging your curriculum vitae with some publications. Good luck!

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