Rune Sorcery and Quantum Physics


Rune Sorcery Part 7

The Rune Sorcery lessons you have been studying were written for the modern day Rune Master. The one main idea behind all of the Rune writings is to bring the Runes and those who study and use them out of the Viking Age and into the 21st century.

The Runes are powerful keys to the Universal Creative Energies. They existed long before Odin and more recently Guido Von List, who rediscovered them.

They date back into the far past of our race. Even perhaps past the origin of language. These are “symbols” which are much more powerful than words!

According to the Laws of Quantum Physics everything that ever was, is or will be exists in an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

The Runes have always existed and will always exist in the Quantum Ocean.

What you want to do with all your Rune Sorcery work is to use the pure Runic Symbols. Try to stay away from rituals and ceremonies that other Rune Masters have used down through the ages. They are all tainted with their consciousness, belief systems and energies.

You want to build your Rune Sorcery Skills, ceremonies, spells etc. with pure Runic energy right out of the Quantum Ocean. Devise your own ceremonies and rituals. Use your own words, tools and methods. If you make up your own rituals, they will resonate to you exclusively.

These lessons are just primers to help show you the way to building your own rituals.

All you need to know is that the Runes exist in the Quantum Ocean as Keys to pure un-manifested energy. By studying and meditating and breathing in the Runes you make direct contact with these energies. You attract them into your Aura.

One of the secrets of Quantum Physics is the Law of Attraction.

Whatever thought, image,or symbol you hold in your mind will attract similar energies out of the Quantum Ocean into your Energy field (Aura). Whatever energies you carry in your Aura will attract to you, like a manet, people, places and events that will help you manifest these energies into your physical reality.

You meditate, study, breathe in the Rune FA and the Rune FA Prosperity energies in the Quantum Ocean will flow into your Aura. Once this Rune FA Prosperity energy fills your Aura and eliminates all the non-prosperity energies that previously existed in your Aura it will radiate out into the physical world. The Rune FA Prosperity energy radiates outward from your Aura as, probability and possibility energies.

People, places and events will respond to these Rune FA Prosperity energies and bring you wealth.

As a Rune Sorcerer, you do not close your eyes and will a pot of Gold to manifest out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life. You use you Sorcerer powers to mentally change the signal you are sending out; thereby attracting what you want. You literally cause people, places and events to help you to become wealthy.

In the case of the Rune UR, you fill your Aura with powerful healing energies which help break up the energy blockages in your Aura which cause all ill-ness and dis-ease. At the same time people, places, and events will be drawn to you that will share health ideas, books and methodologies with you.

Rune Thorn will attract Protective energies to you. You were told how to project these Thorn energies out to protect you, your home, and property. You can also mentally surround your children with the Thorn Rune energy while they are at school. While driving your car, project the Thorn energy all around it and protect yourself from rage drivers and accidents.

We live in a fast paced, dangerous world. We are constantly being bombarded by the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others. By becoming a powerful Rune Sorcerer, you can protect yourself and your family form the harmful outside influences.

Use the Runes and your mind to attract health, wealth, love and protection to you and yours.

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