Research Article Titles – How to Write a Highly Effective Article Title


If I need to read several articles I always select the article title that grabs my attention. The same applies to the newspaper. I will scan the news story titles then read what interests me the most. Therefore research article titles before you submit them for publication.

Benefits of effective article titles

1. Attracts readers.

Your article title should entice the reader to read the content of your article. Try to use descriptive words or action verbs. Instead of saying “dog grooming tips’ try to spice it up a little by writing “Top 10 dog grooming tips that make your dog shine” This sounds much

more exciting and will attract more readers.

2. Attract search engines

Your article title should contain your most targeted keywords. The keywords that get the top number of searches should be placed at the beginning of the title to be the most effective.


If your top keywords are “dog grooming” include them at the beginning of your title ie

dog grooming – top 10 tips to make your dog shine.

The title above shows both visitors and search engines what your article is about. The description will help draw visitors to read the rest of the article.

How to research article titles

1. Visit related forums, blogs, article banks

Visiting these areas will often help get your creative juices flowing. You will soon see what article titles capture your attention. This will provide you with hundreds of article titles. Don’t copy these titles but use them to create your own attention-grabbing title.

2. Create a list of titles

From your research generate ten or more titles. Each one of them can be used to generate separate articles. You can even write several articles on the same subject if you have different titles to choose from.

3. Generate titles after writing content

If you can’t think of an appropriate title, just start writing the content. This will help get your creative ideas flowing. Based upon the content written it’s much easier to generate attractive titles.


A highly effective article title will differentiate your articles from your competitors. Articles that get read generate more subscribers, produce more sales than an ad in a magazine or newspaper. You also get the added benefit of a faster response rate because you are marketing online.

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