Distance Healing and The Witness


Thousands of years of Energy Healings have taught us that the phenomenon of long-distance healing works. Energy surrounds us and is us. It can be channeled, controlled and directed and all it takes is the mind.

In long-distance work, healers work with a person or animal as though they are right beside them. Healers move into a higher consciousness while doing this work, transcending time and space. There are some aids that will empower this work. One of the most common is The Witness.

The Witness can be beneficial when practicing long-distance healing. This particular term is associated with the new field of radionics. This term means anything that will psychically represent the subject. However a witness is well known by magicians, witches and hoodoos, even Christians and other religions for generations. It may go by other names, such as poppets or messenger dolls, but it uses the same phenomenon.

A witness can be a photograph, a blood sample, a signature, or hair clipping. It can be a representative statue or carving. Some healers prefer Polaroid picture because they are believed to capture more of the energetic fields around the person being photographed. This belief is based on the fact that Polaroid picture develop directly and aren’t an energetic down-step away from pictures printed off a negative. However, this is up for debate. The list can go one, but the important thing to remember is that it should be associated with the person to whom you want to send healing. A picture of Uncle Joe won’t help you very much unless your cousin who is ill is standing in the background.

A witness helps link the rational and intuitive minds to empower the energy sending process. It helps power a thought form and enables you to established resonance and entrainment more quickly and easily. If it is a favorite object of the person needing healing, it may contain some of their essence and developing a resonance will be easier to establish.

What happens when there is no witness available? That is where surrogates come into play. Through intention, an object can be empowered to serve as a surrogate. A stuffed animal, crystal, simple drawing or clay figurine can be used through the power of intention and the dynamics of energy just as effectively as a personal object or picture. It does sometimes take longer to establish a resonance, and that is why a witness with a direct correlation to the person being healed is preferred. However, any sort of witness, coupled with clear intention will work.

Add the practice of using a witness to your long-distance work and you will find your work to be more direct, more powerful and much easier to accomplish.

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