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In general with the increase in the technology, there are many new business opportunities in India. if you ask me which business will be the best in terms of high profits, it is definitely part of a company that is active in the field of faster growing technology. 

Over the next 50 years, technologies AI, Wearbeals, Big Data, IOT, 3D printing and robotics will play a major role in human’s life. 

These are the technologies / industries that have the potential to change people’s lives quickly. A company that works with one of these technologies therefore has great potential for expansion. 

Now it depends on the individuals in which area they choose to serve and do a lot with humanity. It is really good to talk about the current situation in India to start a new company. 

The Make in India initiative seems to be very cheap. And now there is a lot of venture capital, angel investors ready to invest their money in big ideas. 

Yes, the investment depends on the scalability of your company. I hope it helps.

If I talk in the coming 5 years, there are many business opportunities likes Personal Consulting, it make in any of the field in marketing, Artificial Intelligence Etc. Plus you can consider cleaning services for has a great opportunity in India, In a metro cities where maintaining cleanliness is a huge challenge, if I talk about Bangalore BBMP is taking care sewage care and cleanliness, but still there’s an opportunity for  Small Businesses, to get in to field of cleaning which includes all kinds, Property/house maintenance.

The best part of about this business it doesn’t require a large investment of money and once stabilized it could be really profitable.

The cleaning industry is basically divided into three parts:


In household cleaning, entrepreneurs provide services to households such as housekeeping. He will try to clean a house.


The commercial is a little more sophisticated than the domestic one. For commercial cleaning services, you need equipment because large office buildings or marts need to be cleaned.


The specialized cleaning service is associated with schools or universities where you can contract with the facility and provide cleaning staff.

Before starting a cleaning company, it is important that you find your niche. Find out whether you want to join the household or another cleaning company, as providing services to the three branches is a difficult task, and that’s the last thing you want.

Here are a few things to help you get started in the cleaning business:


If you want to open an ice cream parlor or cleaning service, research is an important aspect in any business. First of all, you want to explore the market, its changes and everything. This helps you not only in planning your business model, but also in better understanding your work.

Stability of capital

Stability of capital is a necessity for your company. Capital is like a fuel that burns to grow your business. But where would you manage the stability of capital? This is the time when you have a good start for your startup, so investors take you seriously. Always be the first investor in your business, then look for angel investors, crowd funding, etc.

Business plan

The cleaning service business plan should include all important information, such as: B. Budget, people needed, etc. A business plan is your navigation tool, with which you can get to the right places without losing time, energy or money. Knowledge of the market is very important. Decide who your target market is and plan accordingly. It is important for an entrepreneur to create a strategic business plan because a business plan is a foundation, a backbone, or whatever is critical to your business.


Marketing acts as a catalyst to promote the growth of your company. It is very important to advertise your services so that you can reach other people who are not your consumers. The use of social media for marketing is very important right now, as the customer tends to be vital. Therefore, provide your company with a social media platform, create your websites, send newsletters to your customers, etc. 


The location plays an important role in deciding on the goal and growth of your company. The location is more about understanding the market. During your research, find out whether the place where you want to open your cleaning company has a place for your services or not. If the place from which you want to start your business is not “friendly”, there is no chance that your business will grow.

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