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If you want to jumpstart your article writing, it’s time to try something new. Whether you are new to writing articles or have been around the article writing community or some time, a jumpstart will require something new and different to your routine. Maybe you aren’t writing as many articles as you want to or maybe you just want to learn to write better.

Whatever the reason why you want to write articles, you can jumpstart your writing process with a writing challenge. One example is the hundred articles in hundred days (HAHD) challenge by EzineArticles.

You will often find many writing blogs or writing forums that provide you with article challenges as well. You can take up these challenges as a way to jumpstart your article writing. It gives you a new goal with a public proclamation that you will complete this challenge.

If there are no challenges that you can find happening at the time that you want to jumpstart your writing then there is always the option that you can create your own. You can use social networking sites like Twitter, your blog or other writing communities to announce your article writing challenge and to invite others to join in your challenge if you want.

Whatever your writing challenge, you can help the jumpstart by reading more about writing articles and how to do it well. Sometimes just reading about article writing can help you get more ideas for your own and also how to improve your own articles. You can learn how to write better and faster which will greatly benefit you.

Another way to jumpstart your writing is to take some time off of other work and responsibilities to focus on just your article writing, even if it’s just for one weekend. This can be a great way to “get lost” in your article writing for a little while and really get a great start into your articles.

Another way to jumpstart your writing is to take time to write about things that are fun or interesting to you and that you are passionate about. Sometimes article writing can feel a bit like a grind but when you break and write about something you really care about, it helps you get excited about writing once again.

Now that you have these article tips to jumpstart your writing. You can write more, write better and enhance your article writing experience now and in the future. Will you take up a writing challenge today?

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