Announcing The New Seeking Alpha Mobile Apps


Dear Seeking Alpha Members,

Our product and development teams have been hard at work to bring you new and valuable features despite the turbulent times in the markets. During this time of uncertainty, our goal is to provide you with the best financial analysis, news and market data. This update will cover upgrades to our mobile apps. We’ll cover upgrades to the desktop experience in another article.

Mobile Apps Experience

Our iOS and Android apps have been redesigned from the ground up to enable the release of new features much faster. They are now based on a cross-platform architecture which allows our development team to build features once and roll them out simultaneously across desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web. Our newest apps include new additions such as far richer symbol pages, expanded portfolio data, theme dashboards, ability to edit & delete comments, and full access to Premium features.

Symbol Page

The new apps offer far richer data and tools on symbol pages, the pages about a specific stock or ETF. The price chart is improved, and now shows trading volume as well as price. After the articles and news, a Company Profile provides a description of the company. Charts show Revenue and Earnings Per Share. Tables show data for Earnings Estimates, Earnings Revisions, Valuation, Growth, Profitability, and Momentum, Dividends, Capital Structure and Trading Data.

For Seeking Alpha Premium members, symbol pages in mobile provide data to give you a better understanding of the stock, and the information needed to make an instant assessment of the stock before continuing your research. Three ratings are provided for each stock — the average rating from Wall Street analysts, the average rating from Seeking Alpha authors, and the Quant Rating and Ranking. A scorecard displays the stock’s grades for Value, Growth Profitability, Momentum and Earnings Revisions. In the list of Analysis articles, there’s a tag below each headline which shows the author’s rating on the stock. There’s a new summary of the bull case and bear case on the stock, called “Bulls Say” and “Bears Say”. These features are available to Premium subscribers on desktop as well.


The full desktop functionality for portfolios is now in our mobile apps. If you use Seeking Alpha on a laptop or desktop, log in to the mobile app with the same username and password to see your portfolios. In the portfolio section of the app, turn your phone on its side to see additional data on each stock in your portfolio, including where the stock stands in its day range and 52 week range. The menu in landscape mode contains additional views for After Hours, Holdings, Earnings, Dividends, Value, Growth, Performance, Momentum, Profitability, Ownership and Debt. You can also manage stock alerts easily, both app notifications and email alerts.

For Seeking Alpha Premium members, Portfolios in mobile include ratings (Wall Street Analyst, Seeking Alpha authors, and Quant), and grades (for Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and Earnings Revisions) for each stock.

Theme Dashboards

The new apps feature access to all our analysis and news themes. For example, you can access analysis on Dividend Stocks or M&A News.

Edit & Delete Comments

Our active comment community has been asking for the ability to edit or delete their comments without the need to ask our moderation team for assistance. Their prayers have now been answered with the release of our new apps.

Premium Features

The full Seeking Alpha Premium feature set is now available on our mobile apps. You can subscribe to Premium from the desktop website or inside the mobile app, although the cheaper annual option is available only if you subscribe through the desktop website. Wherever you subscribe from, you have full access to Premium features in both desktop and mobile if you log in using the username and password for your Premium account.

We’ve already mentioned the premium features on symbol pages (ratings, factor grades, and “Bulls Say” and “Bears Say”) and portfolios (ratings and factor grades).

Premium subscribers can also access the list of “Top Rated Stocks” on their mobile device. Subscribers can also change criteria on the ratings screener to find top rated stocks in their area of interest or access our list of pre-defined screens. For example, “Top Yield Monsters”

Premium subscribers can also compare stocks or funds side by side using our comparison tool. Compare over 80 data points against each other to help inform your investing decisions.

Lastly, Premium subscribers also have access to our list of Notable Calls which cover important stock picks that you need to know about, that weren’t originally published on Seeking Alpha. We hope you will find it to be another source of compelling ideas for where to allocate your investment capital most effectively.

If you are not yet a subscriber to Premium, you can try these features to see if they improve your investing with a, two week free trial.

We hope you find these updates to be helpful. Please let us know how you like them and how we can further assist you with your investment goals.

If you don’t have the Seeking Alpha app yet, download it to your phone or tablet:

– The Seeking Alpha Product Team

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