Some Tourism References Related to Where to Go in Bali

Bali is awesome place for travelling. Travelers do not need to get confused of where to go in bali since there are places to go. Every destination in Bali is great and there are always great things to do and enjoy in the destination. In this case, they can start to go to the beaches in Bali. Beaches are so famous. Even, people will always go to the beaches in Bali since the exotic view. There are awesome beaches to go. For the beach lovers, they can go to Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. These three beaches are so famous in Bali. The beaches are also in the same line, so mostly they have similar landscape. However, each of them is special for its own things to offer. The white sands and great view of ocean are the same things offered by those three beaches. There are also some facilities, including the resort, restaurant, and many other places that will make the moment of staying on the beach can be very comfortable.

Bali also has other beaches. These can also be good references of where to go in bali. These beaches are awesome to enjoy and there will be many great activities to try.

  • First, there is Lovina Beach. The beach is awesome for its marine life. This beach has also its own exotic view although it has no white sands since the beach has the volcanic sand. It is true that marine life in this beach is awesome. That is why there are some diving spots around the beach. There are great underwater lives to see. Then, during the sunrise, tourists can see awesome show. It is the show performed by the bottle-nose dolphins. This is their natural playground, so during the early morning, it is very possible to see the dolphins swimming around the beach. Even, if tourists want to get closer to them, they can use the boat provided by the local people.
  • Jimbaran Beach can be the other alternative. This beach is great for its nuance and atmosphere. The beach is used to be fishermen village, so it may not as crowded as other beach. This offers great place for romantic dinner. There are some awesome restaurants in this place to have romantic dinner. There is also market to find many kinds of great merchandises and crafts.

Of course, beaches are not the only options of where to go in bali. There are still many other places to go in this island. For example, for the nature lovers, they can go to the West Bali National Park. This is the national park in Bali where the iconic Bali Starling can be find. This is the iconic bird that becomes the icon of Bali also. In this case, the national park is awesome. It is large and it covers different types of landscape. There are forests, savanna, mangrove forest, and also beach. With the variety of landscape, tourists or travelers will find excitements in exploring the national park. there are many awesome floras and faunas. Even, they can also see the underwater life by diving. Diving is possible to do around the Menjangan Island in this national park.

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